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CheckIn Video – 2018 Feb 02

What system controls the immune system? What system controls the hormones? What system is responsible for adapting to the stresses of life and living? Basic anatomy and physiology tell us the answer. #VertebralSubluxation interferes with that...

2018 Jan 31 – CheckIn Video

Taking new clients. Get in before we fill up. "Putting the Spring back in your Spine" #VertebralSubluxation stiffen the spring. 7112 Highway 9 Inman, SC 864-715-2225

2018 Jan 22 – CheckIn Video

Relaxed. Recharged. Reinvigorated. Revived. Ready to Rock some #VertebralSubluxation. So bring them in! 7112 Highway 9 Inman, South Carolina 864-715-2225 Chiropractor - Spartanburg, Inman, Boiling Springs

Subluxation Research – April 2017

New Research & Scholarly Articles from McCoy Publications Improvement in Sensorimotor Function, Postural Stability, Joint Position Sense and Reaction Time in an Asymptomatic 74-year-old Male Receiving Chiropractic Care Matthew Wild, BChiro & Phil McMaster, DC, ACP...

Subluxation Research – February 2017

New Research & Scholarly Articles from McCoy Publications Reduction and Maintenance of Scoliotic and Sub-Scoliotic Curvatures: A Follow-Up Study on Children with Idiopathic Scoliosis Undergoing Subluxation Correction with Pierce Results System Jessica Harden DC, Eric...

All I Want….

I do not want to be your medical doctor, your interior decorator, your nutritionist, your lifting coach, your bus driver, or your spiritual guide. I just want to be your family’s chiropractor.